20 questions ask ask ask! :D

1:post a selfie?
2:do you wear makeup? what makeup do you put on?
3:do you prefer dark or light haired guys/ girls?
4:what's your favorite song at the moment?
5:what was the last song you listened to?
6:do you have a tumblr crush?
7:who is your tumblr crush?
8:what are you doing right now?
9:do you have any siblings?
10:what's you ethnicity?
11:what's your favorite subject in school?
12:what's your favorite color?
13:what's your favorite sports team?
14:what's your favorite ice cream flavor?
15:when did you make your tumblr?
16:how many followers do you have?
17:do you like where you live?
18:is your room super messy or really clean?
19:do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
20:do you prefer pens or pencils?